Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims

Other than trucks what other types of commercial vehicles could cause substantial vehicle damage and injury to the driver and passengers?

Several types of commercial vehicles have the potential to cause substantial vehicle damage and injury to drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. These vehicles are often larger and heavier than typical passenger cars, making collisions more dangerous. Some examples of commercial vehicles that can pose significant risks on the road include:

  1. Buses:
    • Large buses, including city buses, intercity buses, and tour buses, can cause substantial damage and injuries in the event of a collision due to their size and passenger capacity.
  2. Delivery Trucks and Vans:
    • Vehicles used for local and long-distance delivery, such as box trucks, delivery vans, and courier vehicles, can cause serious accidents and injuries, especially if they are involved in crashes with smaller vehicles.
  3. Construction Vehicles:
    • Heavy construction equipment and vehicles, including bulldozers, excavators, and construction trucks, can cause significant damage in accidents, particularly in work zones or areas with ongoing construction activities.
  4. Dump Trucks:
    • Dump trucks, used for transporting and unloading loose materials such as sand, gravel, or construction debris, can cause substantial damage due to their size and weight.
  5. Tow Trucks:
    • Tow trucks, responsible for towing and recovering vehicles, can be involved in accidents that cause damage to other vehicles on the road.
  6. Ambulances:
    • While ambulances are emergency vehicles designed to transport individuals in need of medical care, accidents involving ambulances can still result in substantial damage and injuries.
  7. Utility Trucks:
    • Vehicles used for utility work, such as utility trucks and service vehicles, can pose risks if involved in accidents, especially in work zones.
  8. Garbage Trucks:
    • Garbage trucks, responsible for collecting and transporting waste, are large and heavy vehicles that can cause significant damage in the event of a collision.
  9. Tanker Trucks:
    • Tanker trucks, used to transport liquids or gases, can pose serious risks due to the potential for spills and hazardous material incidents.
  10. Flatbed Trucks:
    • Flatbed trucks, commonly used to transport large or heavy items, can cause substantial damage in accidents, and improperly secured cargo may pose additional risks.
  11. Food Trucks:
    • Mobile food trucks, while smaller than some other commercial vehicles, can still cause accidents that result in injuries and property damage.
  12. Limousines:
    • Stretch limousines and other luxury vehicles for hire can be involved in accidents that cause significant harm due to their size and passenger capacity.

It’s important for drivers and passengers to exercise caution and be aware of the presence of these commercial vehicles on the road. Commercial vehicle operators are typically subject to specific regulations and safety standards, but accidents can still occur. If involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, seeking legal advice from an attorney experienced in handling such cases can be essential for understanding your rights and pursuing appropriate compensation.


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