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Do you have a Homeowners insurance claim due to water damage, wind damage, fire damage, theft or other causes? Is your insurance company giving you the run around? Are you frustrated because the insurance adjuster refuses to conclude or pay your claim? It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to delay handling of a claim or find a reason to outright deny a claim. But that’s not what you deserve. You timely paid your homeowners policy premiums to have insurance coverage at difficult times like this. Enough is enough. Let us fight the insurance company to win your case. Often times, we recover far more than what you expected to get for your claim. And sometimes we hold insurance companies and adjusters responsible for bad faith due to their deceitful or fraudulent actions during the claim handling process. If necessary, we will file a bad faith lawsuit in court to make sure that the insurance company and the insurance adjuster are held responsible for their unlawful and unreasonable actions. In bad faith court cases, we will be able to recover punitive damages which is intended to punish the insurance company for their wrongful conduct. These damages could be far higher than your actual damages due to the initial loss.



The insurance company may try to make you believe that you are not covered for fire, flood, water damage, or similar natural disasters. This may not be true or accurate.

If you believe that the damages to your home have been the direct result of wind, water or fire, you should not give up. You may have lost the enjoyment of your home or lost your personal properties. An incident may have resulted in damage to your business which you operate from home and ultimately causing the closure of your businesses. You paid to be insured for these types of losses. You purchased an insurance policy and paid premiums for years. It is unreasonable and unconscionable to deny homeowners coverage and pay them what they deserve.

California law allows homeowners to file a bad faith lawsuit if an insurance company refuses to make timely payments for losses suffered by a homeowner when liability is reasonably clear and damages are proven.



There are many situations that may make homeowners eligible to make a claim for damages to their real property or personal property. For example, if a broken kitchen pipe led to flooding in your basement or foundation, and your were forced to leave your property, you may be entitled to proper compensation not only for damages to your home but for relocation costs and expenses. If you can show that you had to make significant repairs to alleviate mold damage, including cleaning and disinfecting the premises to comply with local government orders, and as a result incurred significant expenses or losses, your claim must be covered per your policy and you may have a valid mold claim.


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California water damage claims can get complicated if you decide to handle them yourself. You may make numerous mistakes along the way. Without the help of an insurance claim lawyer, the insurance company may even deny your claim. The insurance adjuster may find a provision or an exclusion clause in the policy and try to convince you that you don’t have a claim.

If you have a water damage insurance claim, you must take reasonable steps to mitigate your damages. However, if the damages caused were out of your control, the insurance company should not be denying your claim.

Water damage often leads to extended damage to other areas of a home. It could cause damage to the foundation of a home or it could lead to mold damage.
Therefore, it is important that within a short time following the loss, a licensed professional inspects the property and provides an estimate and a report for all water damages your house has sustained.

If the water damage to your home is substantial, instead of attempting to handle the claim yourself, you should contact a lawyer and have them handle the claim from the beginning. This is important because if you talk to the insurance adjuster and they take your recorded statement, you may say things that may later be used against you if you said contradictory things, even if you said them honestly. To avoid mistakes and later confusion, allow a seasoned attorney who knows how to handle water damage claims take your case and deal with all the legal issues.

Once you hire your attorney, be sure to cooperate with them as the claim handling progresses. For instance provide photos and estimates of all repairs done or what needs to be done. If you plan to make repairs, make sure you let your attorney know that you are about to make repairs. If you notice new water damages, notify your lawyer. Any misstep on your part could affect the insurance adjuster’s decision to accept or deny the claim.

With the help of a licensed professional, you should make a list of all items that need repair and their approximate value. You may also find through your attorney that you are entitled to more compensation than you thought. For instance water damage claims often lead to relocation of a homeowner. This may entitle you to additional living expenses or ALE.

It is also important that you understand the claim process and don’t allow the insurance company to take advantage of you. You should know that even if an insurance company accepts your water damage claim, it doesn’t mean they intend to pay you for “all the damages” your property has sustained. In fact insurance adjusters are known for low-balling you and sometimes attempting to pay nominal amounts when the damages are enormous. On the other hand if you hire a good attorney, he can help you get the entire value of your water damage claim in full and “make you whole”.




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