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Employment Law

Aggressive and Experienced Employment Claim lawyers will fight for you to win your employee claim against a California employer or company. No Recovery No Fee.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Do you have a Homeowners insurance claim due to water damage, wind damage, fire damage, theft or other causes?

Truck Accidents

Our truck accident attorneys in Los Angeles California recover maximum in major injury traffic collisions.

California Employment Law, Truck Accidents, and Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

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Employment Law: Wrongfully Terminated?  CALL NOW

Do you have an employment claim due to wrongful termination, discrimination in workplace, toxic work environment, wage and hour violations, retaliation or other grounds? Is your employer giving you the run around? Are you frustrated because your employer refuses to pay you overtime? It’s not uncommon for employers to delay handling of a disability claim or find a reason to outright fire you. But that’s not what you deserve. You worked hard and your employer must have worker’s compensation insurance coverage to help you at difficult times like this. Enough is enough. Let us fight your employer to win your case. Often times, we recover far more than what you expected to get for your claim. And sometimes we hold employers responsible for punitive damages due to their deceitful or fraudulent actions of wrongful termination or during the disability process. If necessary, we will file a civil lawsuit in court to make sure that your employer is held responsible for their unlawful and unreasonable actions. In some employment cases, we will be able to recover punitive damages which is intended to punish the employer for their wrongful conduct. These damages could be far higher than your actual damages due to wage losses. Call us now for a free consultation and employment documents review to find out what compensation you may be entitled to. Timing is important in making employment claims. So, do not procrastinate. with us, you can win your case, “CALL NOW” for a Free Consultation

Injured in a Truck Accident?  CALL NOW

An attorney can help with a home water damage in California in several ways:

  1. Insurance Claims: Trucking companies usually carry insurance coverage with high policy limits. An attorney can help in filing an insurance claim and negotiating with the insurance company for fair compensation for the damages incurred.

  2. Medical treatment during Claim Handling: In most truck accident injury cases, you may need the help of multiple physicians, doctors, experts and surgeons. We will help you find them so that you may receive proper treatment when your case is pending. 

  3. Legal Proceedings: If the insurance company or responsible party refuses to provide fair compensation, an attorney can help in filing a lawsuit and pursuing legal action to recover damages.

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Free Consultation and Case Analysis


Do you you believe you were wrongfully terminated from your job? Do you think the work environment is so toxic you can’t handle it any more? Is your employer refusing to provide reasonable accommodation after you filed a worker’s compensation or disability claim? Are you being sexually harassed at work? Is your employer refusing to pay you overtime? You may have a claim in any one of these situations. 

If you are involved in a truck accident, you may have a claim. If you were the driver of the truck and you were injured, we can help you recover all damages you suffered and in most instances we can recover far more than you could imagine. 

If you were the driver of a smaller vehicle who got involved in a traffic collision with a truck or a commercial vehicle, and you have sustained injuries, you could have a big claim against the trucking company. We recommend that you immediately contact a lawyer for advice as time is of the essence when one is involved in a truck accident.

Is your valid insurance claim in California unfairly denied by the insurance company? You may have a bad faith case against the insurance company which makes your claim worth substantially more than what you think. Do you want to know your rights under California insurance laws? Do you believe you are unfairly treated by the insurance adjuster? Do you believe the adjuster gave you the run-around and continued to confuse you by requesting more and more documents? Did the insurance company fail to properly investigate your claim and ultimately refused to pay for your loss? You may have a valid Bad Faith Insurance Claim. Are you frustrated by the insurance industry’s unfair practices and worried about your health or the future of your business due to water or fire damage? Have you incurred personal property losses, income losses, or has someone received injuries? Tony M. Seyfi, Esq. has extensive experience in fighting insurance companies and taking them to court for bad faith and unreasonable denial of insurance claims and recovering substantial amounts. At the Law Offices of Insurance lawyer Tony M. Seyfi, you will be well informed about your rights and you will be best guided with precision as to the steps you need to take to make sure your claim gets paid and if not, whether the insurance company could be sued for “bad faith”. Our attorneys are aggressive and have extensive experience in handling Insurance Bad Faith Matters in all Southern California, specially in Los Angeles county, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego County courts. With us, you will be aggressively represented, and using our experience, we will do what it takes to win your case and obtain maximum recovery from the insurance company for you. For Best Advice, Call Now 877-777-9497

Tony M. Seyfi is an aggressive Insurance Claim Attorney in Los Angeles and all Southern California courts with 26 YEARS EXPERIENCE. In most insurance court cases, you may not even need to go to court. We will do all the work. So you will save time, money, and the aggravation of court procedures.

If the insurance company doesn’t want to settle with us, we may take your case to a jury trial to win it. Although most insurance claim cases settle out of court, we won’t hesitate to take the case to court if we find that’s the only option or the better option. Along the way, we will INFORM YOU OF YOUR RIGHTS in your insurance case, so you will know what is the best possible resolution in your case. An Experienced Insurance Claim Attorney will always be there to answer your questions. We are aggressive in court, yet friendly in explaining to you the progress in your case.

And most importantly, we have a NO RECOVERY – NO FEE policy with no strings attached! At our option, we advance selected costs and expenses. Are you falsely denied a claim? Remember, you are entitled to insurance benefits because you paid your premiums for these hard times. So, let our experienced insurance team help you. For a Free Consultation and Case Analysis, “CALL NOW”

Tony M. Seyfi is one of the best Employment Law and local Los Angeles Insurance Lawyers whose main focus in Employment Law and Insurance claim cases is winning a case. Tony fights with passion for his clients and wants to maximize their payout. The first thing you will notice about our lawyers is that they will take your case seriously and will investigate it to your satisfaction. Employment Law Claims and Insurance claims shouldn’t be taken lightly and you deserve the best attorney representation in each matter. Our strategy will be focused on properly asserting your claim if you are injured or have incurred loss of property or income. Keep these tips in mind if you ever get involved in a car accident in your home, or if your property is damaged in an accident in Los Angeles, or if you have an employment law claim: DO NOT take a low-ball offer simply because you think you have no other choice. You will be surprised how we could build a strong case for you and maximize your recovery. DO NOT submit to a recorded statement by the insurance company before you first consult with an experienced insurance claim attorney. DO NOT  sign a severance package if you are about to be terminated from your jog. DO NOT sign any documents or releases before first consulting with an attorney you trust . . .more information.

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